Silver Mountain City: Ghost of the Sierra

This is the long-forgotten true story of Alpine County's original county seat -- and the hard-working miners, eager speculators, crooked judges, and ordinary folk who called it home.

Filled with vintage newspaper clippings, historic photos, and plenty of true tales from Silver Mountain's hey-day, this book tells the tale of this roaring silver mining camp, and its fascinating cast of characters.

    • Meet lovely Antoinette Chalmers, destined to marry Alpine's wealthiest bachelor -- only to end her own life in tragedy a few short years later.
    • Meet Ernst Reusch, the jilted husband who gave Hangman's Bridge its name.
    • Wander by the spot where the Forty Drops Saloon once stood, and saunter back in time through period photos to get a glimpse of Ryan's Exchange -- a bar which doubled as County Courthouse.

Discover the history of this once-bustling mining town that put Alpine County on the map, and its colorful cast of characters in this 140-page lavishly illustrated book! Order through the Clairitage website using PayPal, or send us an email through "Contact Us" page. 

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