The ghost town of Silver Mountain City is located about an hour's drive from South Lake Tahoe.
            From Woodfords: From Highway 88, turn south onto Highway 89 towards Markleeville at the flashing light. Continue on Highway 89 approximately 6.3 miles to Markleeville. Then follow directions below.
            From Markleeville: At the town of Markleeville, then re-set your odometer. Continue straight through town on Highway 89, and over a little bridge. About 4.8 miles south of Markleeville Highway 89 forks to the east (Monitor turn-off). Do not take this turn-off; continue straight on what is now Highway 4. At odometer reading 7.2, you will pass Wolf Creek Road, and at 8.7, is a tall brick chimney on your right (Chalmers' Mansion). 
At 10.3 miles from Markleeville, you will cross a bridge over Silver Creek. Slow down and watch for a brown Forest Service sign on your left, marking the old jail site at Silver Mountain City (odometer reading 10.5).  You've arrived!
Silver Mountain City really is a ghost town; not a stick of lumber is left standing. Look carefully, however, and you'll quickly spot bits of pottery, glass, rusty cans, and the depressions where buildings once stood. This historic site is located on Forest Service property, and removing artifacts is a crime.  Please help preserve Silver Mountain's history for future generations to enjoy by leaving every tiny relic exactly where you found it. 


Directions to Silver Mountain City